Lilac Bush

“Lilac Bush” welcomes each reader to go on a perspective-altering pilgrimage along with the author while taking in the poetic aroma of lilacs which symbolizes renewal and love. From valleys of hardship and turmoil to mountains of sheer strength and hope, each poem serves as a beacon of awakening and cultural change. Through heartfelt narration, Pamela C. Nwokeji shares her personal experiences growing up in an urban neighborhood to bring awareness to the ongoing strife endured by Black Americans. Above all, this poetry book was penned into existence with this one main vision in mind: to be a call-to-action for the future generations for societal change through stronger families, higher education, success and strength in God.

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Eva Xan Poetry Editor & Author of Esoterra

Soul-stirring, eye-opening, and transformation-instigating. Those are just a few words to describe the unforgettable experience that comes with reading 'Lilac Bush'. This poetic journey is like no other.

Beta Reader

[Comments on poem "A Reason"] "Yes! This was an echo of my own thoughts as a child. You captured the feeling and thoughts precisely."

Jennifer deBie, Ph.D. Author, Poet, Book Reviewer

Loved it! Textured, with a beautiful cadence and an important message, Nwokeji's first collection is poetry with something to say!

Beta Reader

I loved the first poem, Free. It was light, airy, yet so fierce. You speak on the pain of your father being absent.

Beta Reader

In addition to the emotional impact of the poems, the stories and descriptions were well crafted. It gives a motherly love to cautionary tales to pass the torch of higher learning, healing, and victory.

Beta Reader

But all I know is these poems have shed light on these issues and in a way made it an awareness to some things that aren’t right and some things we should reflect upon ourselves and take a closer look at things we should cherish in a way like family, God or just coming together as United.

Beta Reader

Lilac Bush is a lovely yet impactful collection of poems filled with wisdom, guidance, and history. ..... and I loved loved the illustrations.

Beta Reader

There were a few poems that beautifully expressed the diversity of human experiences in Black American communities ... Lastly, there were poems in this collection that did a fantastic job of shifting perspectives...

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